Success Story: How I shed the weight and changed my life

Updated: Oct 25

The truth about weight loss

Most individuals, have this idea that to lose weight, one must starve themselves, exercise excessively or do extreme water fasting. Now, I am not against exercising nor water fasting. I believe it has so many health benefits. However, just as it has good health benefits, it can also become deadly if not done wisely. With anything, you do, always do your research, and seek wise counsel.

With some many “diets” out there, it can cause a person to become desperate that they do any and everything to lose weight.  In addition, not consider the pros and cons. The secret to losing weight, which I have discovered by experimenting with my body, is Eating More healthy foods and eating less Junk food. I have been on a long experiment with my body to see how it reacts to certain things; the #1 experiment was eliminated, meat out of my diet. Since being Vegan for six months now, I have lost 25 pounds. The #2 experiment, I have done, have been eating more fruits and veggies and less junk food. Doing this I have becoming fuller which prohibits me from overeating.  The # 3 experiment, is increasing my protein, since I am a vegan, I have to get my protein from nuts, plants, and hemp powder. Last week I have increased my protein by adding Pistachios into my diet. I have noticed that since doing so, I find myself much fuller, that I have no desire to eat anything else. Literally, my stomach becomes so full I can go hours before eating another meal or snack.

The key to a successful weight lose is 1.     Knowledge 2.     Eating more healthy foods and Less Junk food 3.     Increasing your protein whether animal (Organic) or plant-based 4.     Exercising Daily Your Nutritionist, -Yvette


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