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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “The Revamp.”

Yvette Leverette LLC provides a comprehensive approach to nutrition and health. Our team of experienced health professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their health goals.

We specialize in weight loss, food sensitivities, digestive health, and overall wellness. Our customized nutrition plans are based on your individual needs and preferences. We believe that nutritious food is the key to a healthy lifestyle and we strive to provide you with the tools and resources you need to reach your goals.

"My experience using Yvette Leverette's services were nothing short of incredible.  The structure of her program is masterfully designed to take you on a well-paced journey towards health and wellness.  I lost roughly 30 lbs. through her program and have been able to maintain it since.  Yvette is a woman of her word and leads this program with the upmost integrity which guarantees results so long as one is willing to follow instructions and be honest.  My time with Yvette in the program felt like such a safe space to be vulnerable and honest with my growth, mistakes, and concerns.  My favorite part about this program was that it was truly holistic.  It caused me to be a healthier woman physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I would recommend this program to any and all who are seeking health and wellness.  I had the honor of knowing Yvette Leverette as a confidant, coach, teacher, and nutritionist and would not trade the experience for the world."

/// Lauren Crespo

When I found out about the program, I immediately got involved! I had been dealing with skin problems, including extreme dry skin in the scalp, hair loss, and unknown breakouts on the arms and legs. I knew I had to do something different, and it started with being mindful of what was going into my body. After the first 3 days, I began to feel different positively; my energy level increased, and the original problems I dealt with began to decrease. Before the detox and during it, I had also been using the hair oils created by Coach Yvette to treat my scalp. Within a week, I began to see immediate results! My hair is actually growing back! I am definitely continuing The 14-Day Immune Booster. If all of this happened in just a matter of 21 days, there is no limit to what can happen over the next few months!

/// Kellie Seals

At age 14, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. I was vaguely familiar with the condition because it and Ulcerative Colitis (also an inflammatory bowel disease) was in my family medical history. I've suffered from this dreadful disease for over half of my life... the constant pain, nausea, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, weight loss, digestive upset, etc. I had honestly started to think this illness had become part of my identity. It took years, but I finally realized that was a problem and decided to embark upon the journey of change. 

I started by watching YouTube videos, podcasts, and reading various articles about IBD and natural health methods. Tried things, fell into the inconsistency loop, and ultimately failed. However, I really want to be better. I want to be off of medication. I want to be full-on energy and without pain.  I am pleased that with the help that Yvette's health coaching services have provided, I am on the way to my desired outcome. 


The 14-Day Immune Booster was huge for me... it challenged me to be consistent above all else, it also challenged me to think and actively decide to set new habits... so instead of walking in the store reaching for the lays chips because I have a salt craving... I'm now better able to pause and say "what are you telling me body." Once I was able to get a handle on that, I was able to see results: my energy levels increased, I'm able to sleep a little better, and a general improvement in my digestive functioning. This is one battle in the war, but I am grateful and appreciative for Yvette Leverette LLC  and the guidance and accountability the program provided. I look forward to achieving more of my health and wellness goals.  

/// Angeleisha Rodgers

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